Ecosmic is a software house on a mission to empower sustainable space operations. We are developing a fully software-based operations model that can be embedded on satellites. Our first product is a software solution that reduces the workload and loss of revenues associated with space traffic management.   About Ecosmic



Obscape develops and manufactures the instrumentation and the telemetry system for communications to do environmental observations. Faced with the high costs and limitations of conventional measurement equipment, the company’s founders were inspired to experiment with developing their own sensors and devices. Obscape also develops the database and the visual data portal which can be accessed [...]

Shore Systems


The team at Shore Systems is building a hydrogen powered electric drone able to take off vertically and cruise for 450km! The team won the startup voucher hosted together with the Aerospace Innovation Hub in the summer of 2021. They are part of the drone focus area within the Aerospace Innovation Hub community.



REVOLV aims to produce a plug-n-play subsystem with dedicated embedded and ground support software to maximize power supply for more orbital lifetime control for mission operations teams in the New Space.



Maeve is on a mission to create the world's first all-electric commuter aircraft. The company's founders believe in emission free travel and hope to prove this with their Echelon One aircraft able to carry about 50 passengers. Maeve is based at the YES!Delft incubator program and is part of the Aerospace Innovation Hub's community focused [...]



Correlimage is a young startup based in Delft and we believe that image recognition and smart optical solutions can revolutionize the way we currently perform manual and optical inspection to predict the lifetime of materials. Correlimage is currently working on the product-market fit and developing a Corrosion Imager to assess the degradation in coatings and [...]