Correlimage is a young startup based in Delft and we believe that image recognition and smart optical solutions can revolutionize the way we currently perform manual and optical inspection to predict the lifetime of materials. Correlimage is currently working on the product-market fit and developing a Corrosion Imager to assess the degradation in coatings and [...]

Sat Search


The commercial space industry is undergoing significant growth and dramatic change on a daily basis. In the midst of this progress we are developing a central platform to bring together information on space technology products, services and businesses from across the globe. Our mission is to open up and democratize the global space supply chain [...]



Qlayers is a young, passionate company situated in Delft, that is building robots to apply the coatings of the future. ​Our products turns toxic, inefficient, unsustainable and unsafe manual coating processes into fully automated coating processes which are efficient, high quality, sustainable and safe.



PATS automates insect control for horticulture. Our bat-like drones proactively eliminate flying pest insects in air. This prevents the spreading of pests throughout the greenhouse and reduces crop damages and losses in a sustainable way, without the use of insecticides. The service offered by PATS is focused on relieving the grower from time-consuming and repetitive [...]

Luman Aerospace


Luman Aerospace is developing unmanned aircraft for quasi-stationary atmospheric missions. The team's aircraft concept is a flying wing in box configuration, equipped with a solar electric propulsion system. The structural design is derived from a research project, which has been running at the department of Structural Integrity and Composites, inside the TU Delft, Faculty of [...]



Aerlabs develops software products for the aviation industry. They have gained experience working in the aerospace industry by implementing models for aircraft noise simulation and human-machine interfaces for airport capacity forecasting. They are passionate about solving real-life problems with data analysis and we believe combining computer science with applied engineering knowledge creates new opportunities in [...]



Dimple Aerospace develops surfaces with smooth and shallow indentations that reduce turbulent skin friction by up to 4%. Designs are unique to specific environments and applications. You’ll go further, faster, and do it greener