Team Tumbleweed


Team Tumbleweed is a student team building a wind powered Mars rover. The team's prototype can take advantage of the up to 360km/h winds which blow on the martian surface to gather data quickly and cover long distances without using on board propulsion. Once the team has grown enough and has created over 100 working [...]

Lunar Zebro


Lunar Zebro is a student team from TU Delft creating the world's smallest and lightest moon rover. The moon rover's mission is to survive for 14 days (= 1 lunar day) where it will face harsh conditions such as temperatures reaching -233°C during the lunar night. It will make observations and send these back to [...]



AeroDelft is a student team founded in 2018 by two Aerospace Engineering students at TU Delft. The team is a place where students can start projects related to sustainable aviation. The main project the students are working on currently is Project Phoenix in which they are building two liquid hydrogen powered electric aircraft. The team [...]